Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Role of Breakfast in Losing Weight

I have to admit that I hate breakfast. I do not like the cereals that are put in front of me and hate the fatty foods that make a full English breakfast. However the people who understand the workings of the body have repeatedly told us that the first meal of the day is crucial to a good day’s work and can help to reduce the weight. For some this might not make sense because the breakfast will be in effect adding to the calorie count for that day. For those who are skipping breakfast, it would represent a reduction in the amount of calories that they are consuming for that day. However the breakfast meal works in particular ways that are import for the weight loss programs.

When one takes breakfast on a regular basis they ensure that they have the energy to go out and do other physical activities such as running or walking. Without breakfast, the person will be prone to bouts of lethargy and may decide not to go out for a walk or get involved in physical exercise. Thus the pounds will start to pile on and it can be concluded with some reason that the absence of breakfast has hindered the weight loss program for that person. From a practical point of view the person who has missed breakfast will be sleepy at work and will not be able to execute the tasks that the boss has set for them. This can lead to the loss of a job and a very bad social life.

People who are overweight tend to be under nourished. This is a paradox because one might assume that overeating equals nourishment. The body needs specific nutrients to function and that is why we emphasize the balanced diet as a means of ensuring the continued growth and development of the human body. However if an individual continuously skips breakfast, they are opening themselves up to the problems of not having a good diet and they might end up not taking part in their normal daily routine. This will eventually result in health problems and a general deterioration in the quality of life for the person concerned.

In conclusion I would argue that breakfast is one of the most important parts of the day and should not be skipped without good reason. It does not have to be a very extravagant meal that removes all responsibility from the person but it has to be nutritious enough to satisfy their body needs and to ensure that they have a healthy lifestyle.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Calorie Shifting Diets and Your Sanity

Some diets have been done over and over again that you may end up wondering whether they are trying to torture you by making you go through them again. By the time you reach a stage whereby you are known as a seasoned dieter, you will have gone through quite a number of them and you will probably be already fed up with the whole thing. That is how we come to the calorie shifting diet. It may be popular with the diet punters because it is reputed to work but again there are many people who will go on the diet without knowing what it really entails. They will do a number of things without really thinking about what it means for them and their health. This is a very irresponsible attitude to take because it fails to take account of the fact that your body belongs to you and whatever that is done to it ought to involve some level of consent.

If you have really decided that the calorie shifting diet is going to be your savior after all, then it should not cost you much to go out and ensure that the diet is what you want. You also need to study its processes so that you will know what to do if things start going wrong. There are plenty of self help book s on the internet which will give you some insight into what you are getting into. At the same time you need to be wary that some of the information that is being printed may not be entirely accurate. In fact there are some companies which have been found to create false impressions on the internet in order to attract custom. Do not allow yourself to become one of their victims.

In order for the diet to work for you, you will be required to know at least the basic premise of all the things that are being discussed in the diets. Once you know the basics, then the onus will be on you to ensure that you explore further information and satisfy yourself about the strategy that you are going to employ in order to win over the diet and make sure that you can deliver the weight loss that you have promised to yourself. The calorie replacement diet will require that you do very specific activities which mean that you have to study the plan and ensure that you do not make mistakes as you undertake the diet.

Monday, March 1, 2010

The Science of Dietary Supplements and their Impact on Weight Loss

There are some diet users who swear by weight control related supplements. From time to time you see them with their supplementary ingredients going through the revised process of taking each element. There is almost a mirage like effect on their mood once they realize that they have taken the supplementary nutrients. I have no evidence that the supplementary nutrients work to reduce weight but occasionally I do get my doubts about the veracity of some of the claims that are made on their behalf. Supplements normally add to the amount of things that you are eating rather than reducing them. Logic suggest to me that addition does not lead to subtraction. Maybe someone might be able to convince me about the claims that are being made about dietary supplements.

You really should only use dietary supplements to replace something that may be lacking in the diet that you are following. They are not there as things that keep you going on a permanent basis. I somehow believe that the best way to deal with your weight control issues is to look for a method of eating the foods that you eat daily but in a clever way such that you ultimately consume less calories than you use up. Getting all obsessed with dietary supplements and getting all depressed if you cannot have them is not a healthy habits. Dietary supplements cannot replace the normal meals that you are supposed to take. If you work under this false premise then you will not be able to achieve health.

Perhaps the only consolation about dietary supplements is that they would normally not cause anything dangerous to your body. If you are taking vitamins till kingdom come, you will not be able to cause too much problems with your body system. I suppose that the lack of terrible side effects is one explanation as to why people continue to take dietary supplements without a care in the world. Had there been serious negative effects then perhaps we will have seen some change in the attitudes of the people who take the supplements.

Until this happens the journey will continue.
The real cost might come if you stop spending money on good quality food and instead opt for the various dietary supplements that have been placed on the market. Dietary supplements can cost quite a bit of money so if you are on a limited budget there is less room to waste your resources on the supplements that do not work. If you are a very rich person then this will not be a problem because you can always have a balanced diet combined with an assortment of dietary supplements.

Monday, February 15, 2010

The Role of Close Relations in Achieving Dietary Success

From period to period you will see a whole nuclear unit of related individual clients which has similar body shapes. They will either be very fat or very thin or anything in between but there will be a resemblance whatever the case. Genes may explain this phenomenon but other factors can be included too. However you may also find that the circle of close acquaintances has similar body size levels. This would exclude genes and point to other social influences that are causing this. The article aims to highlight some of the ways in which the conduct and believes of your close acquaintances and nuclear unit of related individual clients can affect your level of body size and your attitudes to your situation.

Individual clients with similar eating habits will tend to stay together. For instance if you enjoy junk, you will normally interact in areas that sale junk. There you will meet individual clients who enjoy junk and in all probability become close acquaintances. They will then take you to even more junk restaurants where you will meet even more fans of junk. The cycle continues until you have a network of individual clients who enjoy junk. The same is true if you have vegetarian tendencies or food fads. Your circle of close acquaintances will reflect your habits and from period to period re-enforce them because you are living with individual clients who are similar to you.

The issues identified above apply to the nuclear unit of related individual clients itself. If you have a nuclear unit of related individual clients that has always liked cooking fatty foods, they will influence you to consume unhealthy food. You with then teach your children to cook and eat fatty foods. The whole nuclear unit of related individual clients will end up consuming excess fat and you will all look obese. Nuclear unit of related individual clients plays an important role in shaping who we are and how we behave. In fact some individual clients believe that we are the sum of our families’ foibles and strengths. Thus you might see a whole generation of a nuclear unit of related individual clients experiencing the same body size issues because they have similar habits which have rubbed off onto one another. It is not just about the genes but the behavior. That is why celebrities who have food obsessions and diet fads tend to pass on these rules to their children and the children will apply all the information that their parents have passed onto them.

It is true that fat individual clients are from period to period ostracized in many communities and they feel that the only way is to form some kind of defensive community which can look after their interests. Thus if you believe that society is being judgmental and unfair about your body size , the temptation will be there to withdraw into the fat community which understands your issues of concern and gives you support. In fact it may not just be about withdrawing but finding solutions to your issues of concern. Some individual clients will join body size watcher programs where they will inevitably meet individual clients who have similar body size issues to theirs. Close acquaintanceship are formed and a whole community that actually resembles one another is born. This is a positive outcome but at the same time reinforces the phenomenon that individual clients with similar issues tend to be found together.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Manual Jobs are Good for Weight Loss

Have you ever wondered why your cleaner has a much better figure than you could ever hope for? Have you ever envied you gardener for his six pack that you know very well will never be a part of your body again? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then you have known what it is like to be stuck in a profession that never helps to lose the calories.

Many of us sit in an office literally pushing pens. The only exercise we get out is going to smoking room to have a fag and ensure an early death for us. The sedentary life is just a nightmare for those of us who are beginning to think about dieting. Our work has lots of value but it does not help our cause in trying to shed those troublesome pounds.

Do not lose hope because there is hope. The first thing is to think of ways to make your day a lot more active than it is at the moment. This could be achieved by walking up and down the stairs plenty of times a day. There are office workers who still have six packs and there is no reason why you cannot become one of those legends. As long as you know how they managed to achieve their bodies.

You could also join a gym which would give you an opportunity to exercise on a regular basis. It might also help you to make new friends who are a bit more health minded. This might give you the impetus to continue exercising. I know many of you joined the gyms in January after the Christmas period but now you are wondering whether it was the right decision because you rarely go to visit.

In order to control your weight you either have to reduce your calorie intake or increase your calorie usage. Therefore you can either decide to go on a diet or increase the amount of exercise you do. If you are concentrating so much on your work, it might be really easy to forget about food.

Do not hate your job. Just think of ways of trying to make it friendlier to your fat content in terms of trying to get to your ideal weight. There are advantages to be had from working in an office and therefore you should not forget to be appreciative of your luck.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Watching Out for the Weight Loss Surgery Myths

Hi guys. I hope you are all o.k. While I was going round the net and discovered a really disturbing article about some of the myths that are sold to people about weight loss surgery. Obviously to have surgery is quite a dangerous step and it requires the careful consultation with your doctor as well as your close family. I am going to share with you some of the things I read about. I wonder whether any of you has ever considered weight loss surgery or you know someone who has undergone treatment. If so, please do share your experiences and knowledge with the rest of the group.

Getting hungry after surgery

Some people claim that the patient will no longer get hungry after the surgery has been completed. This is nonsense as hunger is a natural mechanism that will exist whether you have surgery or not. The degree and frequency of hunger may vary but you cannot completely get rid of this natural phenomenon. Post surgery you are likely to get hungry even if not immediately. This is what is known as 'head hunger' in medical circles. It is similar to a withdrawal symptom from food. Once the body adapts to eating small amounts of food, there will be mild sensations of hunger for a few days. After a year or two the patient will need only a small meal intake to satisfy some hunger pangs. However this does not mean the total absence of hunger. If you are unable to control your food intake, you will soon slip back to the old ways and put the pounds straight back on.

Gaining Weight after Surgery

Weight loss surgery is nothing more than a tool on the journey towards weight loss or even more accurately weight control. It is entirely up to the individual as to hwo committed they are to controlling their weight and preventing obesity. They might need to make significant changes in their lifestyle and no one would be able to do this better than the individual themselves. Surgery does not make you automatically immune from weight gain. If you continue in bad lifestyle habits then you will put the weight straight back on.

Weight surgery is the easy option

No it is not. Surgery is a very traumatic procedure and should never be taken lightly. Among the various complications that I read about were hair loss, pureed diets and general sickness. Don’t be deceived folks. Taking surgery is far from being an easy option.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Working Towards Guaranteed Fat Loss

I welcome you to my blog about guaranteed fat loss. The truth is that there is nothing as guarantees when trying to lose weight. It is all a game of trial and error. What we are doing is finding ways of reaching the ideal without killing ourselves. Please feel free to share your ideas and comments on this new blog. I think it is a controversial topic and the more people are able to share their ideas the better. Today I will start off by going through some of the key issues and problems facing dieters who want to obtain guaranteed fat loss.

The first thing is to recognize that there are food stuffs which are not particularly conducive to your objectives and aims. Toffee is one such product and should be avoided as much as possible. It is terrible for the teeth but also helps to pile on the calories. Tea and coffee are a staple part of most people’s diet but they can have devastating effects on the weight management program if too much sugar or milk is regularly added. Coffee in copious amounts can also affect metabolism and increase a sense of hyper activity. The key is to ensure moderation in everything. It is a good idea to always be aware of the calorific contents of the meals that you take.

Another way to reduce excess calories is to carry out regular exercise. Exercise will enable you to burn those excess calories even if it means having to put in extra hours. An effective dieter will have a rough figure in the head of the amount of calories they need for a week. The will also know the amount of calories they have consumed. Doing the math will let them know what amount of exercise needs to be done in order to achieve optimum calorie intake for that week.

The method of cooking also has a role to play in the extent to which you can control your calorie intake. Excessive frying should be avoided whenever possible because it increases the fat content of your diet and could ultimately scupper any plans towards guaranteeing fat loss.

That is it for today guys. I hope you can enjoy the blog and continue to watch what you eat and when you eat it. Hopefully you will then be able to win the battle of the bulge. Guarantees can become a reality of you follow some basic steps.
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